EntrepreneurME: Tuning Into Success

EntrepreneurME: Tuning Into Success

Malak Fouad

Malak Fouad shares her entrepreneurship lessons from the frontlines of the podcasting scene in the Middle East:

Monetizing content in a market still warming up to the digital revolution presents its challenges. My own journey, carving a niche in this evolving landscape, sheds light on some of these issues. I have found that breaking through with audiences has been significantly easier than convincing brands that podcasting is a viable marketing tool. With budgets traditionally allocated to conventional media, marketing departments are still unclear about what their money will buy them and some brands have yet to understand the potential of audio. What I Did Next has been sponsored and supported by avant-garde brands such as EFG Holding, who have seen the potential of connecting directly with an audience that reflects their values.  

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