‘What I Did Next’: The Leading English-Language Podcast in the Middle East Is Back for Another Deep Dive into the Pivotal Moments of the Region’s Most Visionary Leaders

‘What I Did Next’: The Leading English-Language Podcast in the Middle East Is Back for Another Deep Dive into the Pivotal Moments of the Region’s Most Visionary Leaders

Malak Fouad

Join storyteller Malak Fouad for the much-awaited Season 7 of ‘What I Did Next’, starting March 5th

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 26 February 2024 – A&T Media, founded by one of the Middle East's most trusted voices, Malak Fouad, is thrilled to announce the launch of Season 7 of the premier interview-based podcast, What I Did Next (WIDN). The highly acclaimed podcast has a strong following across the MENA region – resonating profoundly in the region’s top media markets: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt. 

Season 7 of the show will air between March 5th through June 25th, and returns with distinguished leaders, tastemakers, and game-changers from the Arab world. The new season is set to maintain the podcast's formidable track record for in-depth and authentic dialogues that go beyond the superficial to understand our region’s key leaders. The show approaches each guest’s life journey from the point of view of their pivots and twists and turns – both professional and personal. 

Malak Fouad, a seasoned, multilingual communications specialist, began her career in journalism in New York, Cairo, and London, contributing to major publications including the UK’s Punch magazine, the Daily Mail newspaper, Egypt’s French-language newspaper Ahram Hebdo, as well as American glossy magazine powerhouse, Condé Nast. She transitioned into media consultancy and PR in Egypt before founding A&T Media in 2021. 

Malak identified a gap in the audio entertainment market and recognised there was a need for audio content that is made in the Middle East for a regional audience. With an emphasis on high-quality production values, A&T Media is developing podcasts that are intellectually rigorous, attracting high-caliber guests as well as a select audience across the region and beyond. What I Did Next is the first podcast from the media house.

What I Did Next has emerged as a cultural cornerstone, showcasing and celebrating the region’s rich culture – a beacon for positive homegrown narratives. “Podcasting is revolutionizing the way we connect with audiences, allowing us to dig deep with guests that are unparalleled in other mediums,” Malak Fouad reflects. Malak goes on to say, “Podcasts are a fantastically cost-effective advertising stream for companies and brands, allowing you to connect directly with your target audience. Plus, research continues to show that podcast ads have higher brand retention and uplift compared to other advertising tracks. That’s pure gold for marketers.”

Apple Podcasts’ Editors chose What I Did Next as one of the Best Shows of the Year in 2021 and it was featured in the ‘Podcasts that Make Us Think’ category for 2022.

Season 7 of the show is set to inspire listeners with another stellar lineup of hard-hitting guests, including Becky Anderson, Managing Editor, CNN Abu Dhabi, and Anchor. The season also features insights from influential figures like Hatem Alakeel, a trailblazing Saudi fashion designer and branding guru, Janan Shihadeh, a bespoke consumer-led artist, and Mohamed Al Fayed, the UAE-based CEO and founder of Grubtech.

Since its February 2021 launch, What I Did Next has enriched the Middle East's cultural conversation by hosting a diverse roster of leaders from a variety of industries, including the former Chief Business Officer of Google X and Host of the #1 Mental Health Podcast, Slo Mo., Mo Gawdat, world-renowned heart surgeon, Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub, acclaimed jewellerydesigner Nadine Kanso, Fadi Ghandour, co-founder of Aramex, Hala Gorani, ex CNN anchor, Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi, academic and art collector and Dr. Lama Al Sulaiman, pioneering Saudi businesswoman, among others. Their powerful stories have left a mark on the show’s fabric, inspiring listeners and setting a high bar for the quality of discourse.

Under Malak Fouad's leadership, A&T Media is redefining the podcasting landscape. Her rich journalistic background, nuanced understanding of the region and empathetic interviewing style have made What I Did Next ‘the must-listen-to podcast’.

The new season of What I Did Next as well as its rich back catalog is available on all podcast players, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Anghami.


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Founded in 2021 by communications specialist Malak Fouad, A&T Media is a pioneering podcast company based in the Middle East. A&T Media specializes in delivering intellectually stimulating English-language podcasts that are geared towards the Middle East & North Africa region. The company is renowned for producing What I Did Next, recognized as one of Apple Podcasts’ Best Shows in 2021 and 2022, and hosted by founder Malak Fouad herself. With an expanding portfolio of shows, A&T Media is set to launch a variety of new podcast series covering a broad spectrum of topics, aimed at engaging listeners across the Middle East and the world. 

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