Ayman Mohyeldin

Ayman Mohyeldin

Ayman has been a field reporter with the CNN and Al Jazeera, and is currently the host of Ayman on MSNBC.

Malak Fouad
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My guest today is Ayman Mohyeldin, the Arab-American TV anchor on the NBC and MSNBC networks in the US. Ayman spent his formative years in the United States and gravitated towards journalism after he graduated. Over the years, he’s worked as a field producer and reported in the Middle East with CNN and Al Jazeera in addition to the NBC network of channels. A few years ago, he exchanged his flak jacket for a suit & tie to take on prestigious and high-profile anchor positions in New York with NBC & MSNBC. He is currently the host of Ayman on weekend evenings.

We met over the summer in Almaza on the North Coast of Egypt and had a wide-ranging discussion about his childhood and education, his career choices and his opinion on the current political climate in the US.

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