My conversation with CNN’s Becky Anderson

My conversation with CNN’s Becky Anderson

Becky Anderson is Managing Editor, CNN Abu Dhabi.

Malak Fouad

I’m joined on this episode by Becky Anderson, Managing Editor at CNN Abu Dhabi, and one of the channel’s most visible international anchors. She tells me about her mission to change the perception of our region:

I hope that people around the world understood better the people from this region, the culture of this region, the dynamism of this region and the spirit. I want people to understand, this place as well as I am learning to understand this place. The good, bad and indifferent from this region. And I have made a real point of ensuring that we provide [a] proper platform for women's and young girls' voices on whatever story that we do. 

I was excited to indulge in my love for all-things-news with Becky on this episode. We talked about the industry as a whole, her pivot to broadcasting, and how she sees her role in an evolving yet difficult world where everything seems to be happening at once—climate change, elections, more divides and tensions between countries.

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