Malak El Baba

Malak El Baba

Malak El Baba is the Egypt Country Manager for Visa.

Malak Fouad

I’m joined this week by Malak El Baba, Egypt Country Manager for Visa, and a leader and role model for so many in her industry. We had a wonderful conversation that spanned different countries and phases of her life.

Although she has spent nearly two decades in banking and finance, she actually started out wanting to become a diplomat. But destiny had other plans, shaping not just her career but who she married and where she lives today.

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Like a true marketer, Malak is very much a people-person, a team builder, and a team player. She’s also an optimist. She truly embodies the traits I find is most successful people. Malak also leads Visa’s Women Leadership Network for MENA, and is the winner of several market leadership awards including four MENA Effies’ awards and 2 Media Efficiency awards.