Ramy Youssef

Ramy Youssef

Malak Fouad

I'm joined on this episode by comedian, actor and writer, Ramy Youssef. Ramy started out as a stand-up comedian, and is the star of the eponymous hit show, Ramy, which has won Golden Globes and Peabodies, as well as Emmy nominations. He's also the co-creator of Mo with Mo Amer, and can be seen later this year in Poor Things with Emma Stone, William Dafoe and Mark Ruffalo among other big wigs of the industry.

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I binged watched all 3 seasons of Ramy and am so happy we are finally seeing a show that potrays the Arab immigrant experience as more than a 2D cliché. The show is part comedy, part drama and part spiritual quest, raising questions and making you keel over laughing at the same time. As writer, actor, director and producer of the show, Ramy brings nuance and subtlety to what are, on the surface, extremely difficult issues to broach on US TV and he does so with the one tool that always breaks down prejudices—humour.

We talk about growing up in New Jersey, the show, and whether his life has changed before and after the show's global success.